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Spa Academy Askern

Spa Academy Askern

Term Dates

At Spa Academy Askern we follow the school terms outlined by Leger Education Trust. The overview for the current and upcoming school years can be accessed by opening the document links below.

If you have any questions about school holidays, please refer to our attendance policy which can be found in the policy section of our website or by contacting the School Office.


School Year 2022-2023 Term Dates

School Opens                                                                  School Closes

Tuesday 6th September 2022                                                            Friday 21st October 2022

October Half Term- Monday 24th October 2022 to Friday 28th October 2022

Monday 31st October 2022                                                            Friday 16th December 2022

Christmas Holidays- Monday 19 December 2022 to Tuesday 3rd January 2023

Wednesday 4th January 2023                                                          Friday 10th February 2023

February Half Term- Monday 13th February 2023 to Friday 17th February 2023

Monday 20th February 2023                                                                  Friday 31st March 2023

Easter Holidays- Monday  3rd April 2023 to Monday 17th April 2023

Tuesday 18th April 2023                                                                            Friday 28th April 2023

Bank Holiday-  Monday 1st May 2023

Tuesday 2nd May 2023                                                                                  Friday 5th May 2023

Bank Holiday-  Monday 8th May 2023

Tuesday 9th May                                                                                          Friday 26th May 2023              May Half Term - Monday 29th May 2023 to Friday 2nd June 2023

Monday 5th June 2023                                                                                  Friday 21st July 2023

Summer Holidays begin- Monday 24th July 2023

School Year 2023-2024 Term Dates

School Opens                                                                  School Closes

 6th Wednesday September 2023                                                   Friday 20th October 2023

October Half Term- Monday 23rd October 2023 to Friday 27th October 2023

Monday 30th October 2023                                                    Thursday 21st December 2023

Christmas Holidays- Monday 25th December 2023 to Friday 5th January 2024

Monday 8th January 2024                                                                 Friday 9th February 2024

February Half Term- Monday 12th February 2024 to Friday 16th February 2024

Monday 19th February 2024                                                         Thursday 28th March 2024

Easter Holidays- Monday 1st  April 2024 to Friday 12th April 2024

Monday 15th April 2024                                                                             Friday 3rd May 2024

Bank Holiday - Monday 6th May 2024

Tuesday 7th May 2024                                                                             Friday 24th May 2024

May Half Term - Monday 27th May 2024 to Friday 31st May 2024

Monday 3rd June 2024                                                                              Friday 19th July 2024

Summer Holidays begin- Monday 22nd July 2024