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Spa Academy Askern

Spa Academy Askern


Our Vision for Maths: Spa Academy Children - Maths

In ensuring that ‘better never stops’, our Maths aims to ensure that:

  • Pupils will be fluent in arithmetic so they can apply this core knowledge with accuracy and pace across the maths curriculum.
  • Pupils build the perseverance and stamina to tackle complex problems so that they become flexible thinkers.
  • Pupils are independent learners, self-aware of their next steps and how to support themselves so that they can become resourceful individuals.
  • Pupils will become team players, working co-operatively to solve problems, coach and challenge one another.
  • Pupils are able to apply their mathematical understanding with confidence across the curriculum so that they are able to purposefully use their skills.
  • Pupils take pride in the progress they make so that they grow to be aspirational individuals.
  • Pupils will develop a passion for mathematics so that they approach problems with excitement and eagerness to be challenged.
  • Through high-quality professional development, pupils have access to first-class teaching that is rooted in the belief that ‘every child can’.