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Spa Academy Askern

Spa Academy Askern

Celebrating Success & Online Behaviour

As we move to Remote Education, please take time to share these expectations with pupils. This includes: our expectations, how we celebrate learning and our policy on when expectations are not followed.

We expect pupils to make sure, when using Microsoft Teams:

  • Only post information regarding their work, completed activities or support. Microsoft Teams is not a 'chat' function.
  • Be polite and always show good behaviour and respect.
  • Pupils that are demonstrating our school values (creativity, honesty, respect, perseverance, responsibility.
  • You must be appropriately dressed for live sessions.
  • No pictures or videos are to be taken during live sessions. 
  • If you ever require any support (pupils or parents), please leave a message in Microsoft Teams. They will respond to you as soon as possible. However, this will not be immediately. They continue to spend time preparing resources, contacting other pupils and preparing teaching for in school.

How do we CELEBRATE learning?

We are celebrating learning that pupils do in Spa, just as we would in school, through:Free Blue Star, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on Clipart Library

  • Spa Fab Friday Assembly - sent out each week.
  • House Point system - we will be in touch next week regarding how our house point system is being moved online!
  • Spa Shout Outs! Keep an eye out on Twitter for our 'Spa Shout Outs' - teachers giving shout outs to pupils that have gone above and beyond.
  • Social media - check our social media for the celebration of pupils' and class work. 


What if Microsoft Teams (LIVE sessions or 'posts') is used inappropriately?

We would hope that this is never the case. However, when using Microsoft Teams, our school Behaviour Policy applies online, just as it does in school. Not following these expectations will result in:

  • Being reminded of our school value and expectation (Stage 1)
  • If required immediately, removed from the 'team' (Stage 2) for a period of time (unable to post) and parental contact made
  • Continuous misuse will be passed to the Leadership Team and alternative education provision put in place (Stage 3)