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Spa Academy Askern

Spa Academy Askern

Remote Learning - w/c 1st March

Linda's Voice: One more week will be flying to Vegas for Jason and  Heather's wedding!!We are now entering our final week before all pupils return on Monday 8th March. We are excited to have all of our remote learners return to school.

For the final week of Remote Learning, LIVE sessions will continue each morning as normal.

  • Teachers will be using pre-recorded videos from Oak Academy/other sites for lessons on Monday - Wednesday for Maths, Writing & Science. 
  • When is World Book Day 2021 and what's the theme?On Thursday & Friday we are celebrating World Book Day! The normal timetable of lessons will be replaced by a range of World Book Day and reading activities being shared on Teams. We'd normally be spending World Book Day celebrating in school but look forward to see pupils get stuck in to these activities! Please check out our Twitter below as our staff get stuck in to the 'Masked Reader' and feel free to share your World Book Day activities with us!

All staff are preparing for and looking forward to all pupils returning on Monday 8th March, whilst continuing education for those remotely and pupils attending school. If you have received one of the 75 laptops we have loaned during lockdown, you'll have received communication letting you know these should be returned later this week. This means we are able to use these laptops in classes from Monday 8th to support pupils returning.

Thank you again for your efforts and support during this period of lockdown. It has been brilliant to see 'Team Spa', our community, come together to stay safe and continue our pupils' education. We will be in touch later this week with updates on what pupils will be learning when they return for the remainder of this term.