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Spa Academy Askern

Spa Academy Askern

Important update regarding the reopening of school - 4th June


This letter provides an important update regarding school reopening for Year 6 pupils and for pupils attending our Key Worker provision, currently at Campsmount. 

Year 6 Pupils

We would like to thank the families of our Year 6 pupils for their rapid response to our communication earlier this week. This has allowed us to plan carefully for a reopening. As our letter earlier this week stated, we intended to open our school, alongside Littlemoor and Moss Road, on 8th June after discussions with unions and Trust leaders earlier in the week. 

Today, the Director of Public Health in Doncaster updated schools with Doncaster-specific information (a copy of the letter can be found at the bottom of this page).   As a Trust, we have taken the decision to not re-open schools next week, along with the majority of other schools in Doncaster. We are optimistic that we will be able to start to welcome those Year 6 pupils that have confirmed that they wish to return on 15th June

I understand that this is frustrating for families, pupils and staff as we are keen to see our pupils return to our school, enjoying school life and the many benefits it brings. Your child’s safety is the most important thing to us and I am sure you understand that local officials are keen to ensure they have an accurate picture of what this looks like in Doncaster specifically (information they are only just beginning to receive) before reopening schools. 

If you have confirmed your intention to return this week, you have been allocated a place for when we reopen. We will keep updating you throughout the week as to whether we can confirm a 15th June return date.  If you have not confirmed or have said your child will not return, please contact or call 01302 700332 giving the required 5 days notice. 

Throughout the week, we have been contacting parents and any frequently asked questions, that our guidance did not already answer, can be found at the bottom of our Wider School Reopening page here.


Key Workers & Vulnerable Pupils

From Monday 8th June, as we move to wider reopening of school, this provision will now be at Spa Academy Askern, not at Campsmount. Pupils that have booked onto this provision, and received confirmation of their place for next week, should enter through the Y3/4 playground entrance at 9am and will exit at this gate as well to parents at 3pm -  as per the information on our Wider School Reopening page here.

It is important that we know in advance which pupils are attending so that we can plan groups and allocate staff.  If you are classed as a critical worker and need your child to access the emergency childcare provision please let us know by emailing or telephoning school on 01302 700332. 


Thank you again for your ongoing support and I will keep you updated with news as I receive it. 

Emma Anderson