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Spa Academy Askern

Spa Academy Askern

Letter to Parents, School Reopening - 3rd June 2020

Wednesday 3rd June 2020


Information for parents of Spa Academy pupils on the wider opening of school

Our current intention is that from Monday 8th June we will start to increase the numbers of children in school, as outlined by the Government, beginning with pupils in Year 6.  This decision has been taken following clarification from the Government that key criteria have been met.  Childcare provision to children of key workers and vulnerable pupils will also move to Spa Academy.  

The safety of staff, children and families continues to be paramount and our school now has the capacity and resources to prepare to reopen and operate safely. This week all unions were invited to meet with trust leaders who shared our opening plans and risk assessments, and no issues were raised at the meeting.  On Friday 5th June there will be a Health and Safety inspection of our school by two academy governors to ensure that the school is ready to open as safely as possible for children and staff.

We are also not pressuring anyone to send their children to school, since you know your children and personal situation best.  The government guidance states that pupils are ‘strongly encouraged’ to attend.  However, the DfE have made it clear that parents will not be fined and schools will not be held to account for attendance figures during this period.  Resources will still be provided for your child to continue learning at home.

For those in receipt of Free School Meals we will continue to issue vouchers through the Government national voucher system.  If any families feel they need further support, either financially or otherwise please contact and we will of course make every effort to help.  Any pupils who attend school over lunchtime will need to provide a packed lunch from home.

It is important that we know in advance which pupils are attending so that we can plan groups and allocate staff.  If you are classed as a critical worker and need your child to access the emergency childcare provision please let us know by emailing or telephoning school on 01302 700332.  If you are a parent of a Year 6 pupil, you will be contacted this week by your child’s teacher to discuss your intentions. You will now have also received a text, which we require you to respond to with a Yes or No, to confirm your child’s attendance from Monday 8th June.  If at any point you change your mind or circumstances change we require 5 days notice by email to or telephoning school on 01302 700332.

Below you will find an overview of how different elements will be organised and some links to where this additional information can be found on our website.


What will the school day look like?

Key Worker and vulnerable pupil provision will run from 9am – 3pm based at Spa Academy.

The Year 6 day would begin, with staggered entrances, at 8.45am and end at 12.30pm initially.  Children in year 6 will not have lunch at school.

More specific information for those pupils returning is available here.



Arriving and leaving school

To maintain social distancing school gates will open at 8.40 and staff will be on duty to encourage this.  Children should not arrive before this time.  Groups will be allocated a specific playground, entrance and exit (see table below).  Parents will not be permitted to enter the school building but may wait with their child on the playground.  Teachers will signal children to line up on their allocated playground and enter safely.

Children will exit school at their allocated time using the entrances detailed below.  Parents will not be permitted to enter the school building or the playgrounds, but may wait outside the gates.  If your child usually walks home they will be allowed to do so. 

Arriva buses have informed us that they will only permit 20 people on any bus at any time and will not stop if they have reached their allocation.  We are therefore encouraging both staff and pupils to find an alternative method of travel.


Playground Entrance/Exit

School Entrance/Exit

Year 6 Onyx Class

Year 6 Playground A,

Sutton Road Entrance

Year 6 doors

Year 6 Ruby Class

Year 6 Playground B,

Alfred Road Entrance

Sports Hall

Year 6 Emerald Class

Year 5 Playground,

Alfred Road Entrance

Year 5 doors

Key worker & vulnerable group

Year 3/4 playground,

Sutton Road Entrance

Year 3/4 doors

More specific information for those pupils returning is available here.


What do I need to bring?

  • Uniform is not expected.  Clean clothes should be work each day, suitable for sport
  • Sun cream or a hat should be worn
  • Water bottle
  • A bag may be brought but will be kept in their workspace
  • Pencil cases are not allowed as many items cannot be washed

More specific information on what to bring is available here.


How are we making school safe?

Following guidance from the Department for Education as well as our own risk assessments we are making changes to ensure contact is minimised.

More specific information is available here.


Home Learning

Pupils in other year groups will continue to access our Home Learning resources.  We will continue to use a variety of ways for pupils to access work in order for you to select the style of learning suits you and your children.  If you have concerns with any aspect of home learning please email us on

More specific information is available here.


Emma Anderson