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Spa Academy Askern

Spa Academy Askern


Pupils in Emerald Class were asked to isolate and we can confirm that your child's isolation ends on Wednesday 18th November and will therefore return to school from Thursday 19th November. 

Live Lessons will continue for Emerald at the following times:

Subject Time
Writing 8.45am
Reading 10am
Maths 11.30am

Delivered through Teams Assignment

How do I get onto Microsoft Teams?

1. Click the button below to visit Microsoft Teams.

login to microsoft teams here


2. Enter your email and password (these will be sent out to individuals). 

3. If you're asked to download the Teams app, just click 'Use the web app instead' - it's right at the bottom of the page!

4. Click on your class name.

5. Make sure you're here at least 5 minutes before your LIVE lesson is due to start! Just wait on this page until...


6. When class is about to begin, you will see this appear. Click 'join' to join your LIVE lesson!

7. Your webcam, if you have one, will show your face in the middle of the screen. When you're ready to join, click 'Join Now'. From this point, you are in the LIVE lesson and will be able to see your teacher.

8. As soon as you go into the lesson, your teacher may 'mute' you and 'unmute' you if you're being asked something!

9. The teacher will take a register, checking that everyone can hear. 


We ask that, as far as possible, your child attends all of these LIVE sessions and completes all assignments. However, we understand that this may not always be possible (childcare, working from home, shared computers etc.) and when we call on Day 1 will talk about how we can support you and your child as much as possible!


How do I complete an assignment?

1. Go to Microsoft Teams, just like you did above.

2. Click on the 'Assignments' tab down the side.

3. After each lesson, your teacher will post an assignment and it will appear in your 'Assigned' tasks. Click on each to complete it!

Got a question?

Email with the subject 'Remote Learning'.

Contact 01302 700332