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Spa Academy Askern

Spa Academy Askern

Parental Support Needed - Toilets


I am writing to you, as valued members of our school community, to ask for your support in preventing vandalism that is taking place within our school, during the school day, by pupils at Spa Academy. 

Over the past few days there has been a considerable increase in vandalism and destruction of property, carried out in both our Year 5 & 6 toilets.  This has included toilet paper being used to block toilets and sinks, wet toilet paper thrown at walls, mirrors, ceilings and floors and the destruction of urinals and toilet seats (that are now unusable and need to be replaced).

Our staff supervise the toilets at breaktimes and over lunchtime, when pupils are encouraged to use their social time to go to the toilet if they need to.  The majority of this damage has been caused during lesson time, when pupils have asked adults to leave the lesson because they need to use the toilet.  As you can appreciate, it is not possible to supervise the toilets during lesson time as adults are needed in the classroom to support learners.   It is also important that we allow pupils to go to the toilet when they need to and sometimes this falls within learning time.  Our policy in school is not to stop children from going to the toilet.

My plea to you, is to talk to your children about this problem.  Encourage them to respect school property and facilities, show respect for the staff employed to keep our school clean, but more importantly, not to waste valuable learning time spending unnecessary time in the toilets.

Thankyou in advance for your support,

Emma Anderson